Baby Bottle Bag

Walking with a child or going to a doctor in the winter becomes a real problem. In 2-3 hours, the baby gets hungry, and a bottle of milk - cools down. Earlier mothers wrapped containers and bottles in a foil, towel or mitten. But today there is a more convenient way to keep the heat - baby bottle bag.

The main function of the device is to maintain the optimum temperature of baby food (milk and special mixtures) without sacrificing quality. In other words, the bottle in a special thermos bag does not allow food to overheat and deteriorate in the heat. In addition, it protects the bottle from mechanical damage and contamination. This is a very important point, because it can split from the impact of the stroller or fall in the bag.
In a usual baby changing bag, a container with baby food can get dirty, and small debris can get into the space between the neck and the lid. While the thermos keeps the bag and bottle clean. Thermos for baby bottles is much better than a usual bag. To begin with, the latter is not suitable for storing milk and dairy products. This is usually indicated in the instructions to the product. Preheated milk in a simple "adult" thermos changes its taste and becomes harmful to the baby.

Advantages of a children's thermos baby bottle bag:

• does not affect the taste and properties of milk and mixtures;
• up to 5 hours keeps the optimal temperature of baby food;
• prevents damage and contamination of the bottle.

This thermos is very practical and allows you to feed the baby without problems during a trip or walk.

How to choose a good baby bottle bag?

First you need to decide what you need this device for. If there is a long trip ahead, it is advisable to take with you a thermos-refrigerator, and a thermos with a heater. If you need to feed your child with warm food while walking, choose a bag, cover or container. Which of these three models to choose, you can decide, relying on own feelings. If for a walk you take a large bag with diapers and toys, it is better to buy a thermo-holster or a thermo-container. If you walk only with a mobile phone - choose a thermo bag.

When buying a thermos with a porous filler, note:

• The thickness of the walls. The walls of the product should be thick enough. This is necessary to protect the bottle from mechanical influences and low temperatures.
• Tightness of the lid. Tightly fitting cover prevents the cooling of baby food and ensures the preservation of the container.
• Sufficient height, so that a baby bottle bag could fit a bottle with a protective cap and a pacifier.
• No unpleasant odor. There should be no unpleasant chemical odors, since the bottle is able to absorb them.
• The presence of cork. Thermoses with a screwed plug prevent the ingress of foreign substances and debris into the internal cavity.
• Material of the cover. The color does not affect the functionality of the product. But light fabrics will be difficult to wash, and dark and variegated colors will "mask" the stains. Materials must be hand washed and at the same time be waterproof (for walking in the rain).

Famous brands and designers monitor compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards, so it is preferable to buy baby bottle bag from them. And do not forget to choose our online store as a mediator which you trust.
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