Armani Baby – Pink Baby Changing Bag (37cm)
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Armani Newborn – Blue Baby Changing Bag (36cm)
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Emporio Armani – Grey Baby Changing Bag (37cm)
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Armani Baby Changing Bag

Since 1982, Armani Junior offers a variety of children's clothing collections that combine style, comfort and practicality. In full accordance with the latest trends in fashion for children, the Armani Junior line looks almost adult and is made of natural materials. Сan you imagine something more perfect?

Children's line from the fashion house Armani – Armani Junior is a modern, high-quality, comfortable clothing for children. Do you know that exactly Giorgio Armani is recognized as the best Italian designer of children's clothing? Even if you did not know it, you were not surprised to hear that, right? Its merit is difficult to exaggerate.
The creative team of Armani Junior brand in the development and manufacture of each collection follows the latest fashion trends, not forgetting the comfort and convenience of children's clothing. All clothes, shoes and accessories are made of the finest Italian fabrics. Armani Junior produces clothes for boys and girls from birth to 16 years. Also, the brand does not forget about the needs of young parents, for example, making Armani baby changing bag.

Despite the long history of Armani fashion house, the brand's products are dynamic, sporty in spirit, filled with colors and children's cheerfulness, bright and stylish, inspired by the pace of city life, the desire for development.

«On the shelves» of our store you can find convenient models of bags for moms of different brands and designers. But bags Armani occupy a separate place among competitors. Just look at the style and laconicism of the forms, the perfect and restrained design and the undoubted functionality of these bags. They surely attract attention! The choice of colors is wide enough:

• Pink is more suitable for glamorous girls' moms,
• Black color guarantees practicality and compatibility with all possible outfits and occasions,
• Gray is the most casual, suitable for boys and girls, moms and dads.

Armani baby changing bag, which we sell in our store, contains a thermal cover for the bottle and a special mat for changing. With these accessories, you do not have to think about how to maintain a comfortable water temperature in a baby bottle, and changing a baby's diaper will no longer be a problem even in an unsuitable place for it. Thus, the price becomes even more attractive, is not it?

Diaper bag from Armani is not only a fashionable and convenient accessory, it is also a distinctive sign that says a lot about its owner. The owners of the original products of this fashion house - it's a kind of elite club, each member of which recognizes the right to be beautiful, stylish and at the same time appreciates the convenience and comfort in everyday life.
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