Burberry – Watson Changing Bag (44cm)
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Burberry – Baby Changing Bag (40cm)
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Burberry Baby Bag

Burberry baby bag can not be confused with another brand! That is the final truth and no one can argue with it. Unique style of this designer house together with the branded square coloring are an undoubted classics in the world of fashion. How did it become that famous?

It is worn by an English queen, it was chosen by Arthur Conan Doyle and Bernard Shaw, it was filmed on Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany" - the trench coat by Burberry, all the mods of the world want to buy it. Beige color and the legendary square print Nova Check, for sure, is the most recognizable print in the world. Almost 150 years of tradition and impeccable taste have changed the world of fashion.
In 1879, Thomas Burberry came up with gabardine: lightweight, durable and not wetted fabric. Instead of heavy rubberized raincoats, there appeared light and incredibly stylish ones of a new generation. They have become the hallmark of aristocratic London, a symbol of impeccable taste. Today you can find brand collections in the online store, and in fashion boutiques.

And baby clothes and shoes by Burberry remind the wardrobe of little ladies and gentlemen. Inspired by the classic plaid and wardrobe of English lords, Burberry create masterpieces of outerwear. Comfort, cleanliness of a style and details of furnish, elite fabrics, in such clothes it is not necessary to make impression, all people around consider you the sample of faultless taste. Branded Burberry children's clothes do not concede in refined shine clothes for adults. Miniature raincoats and coats, trousers and dresses, shoes and accessories - each model is sewn in original English traditions.

Just look at the example of Burberry baby bag presented in our catalogue. Can your imagination create something more perfect? Is there at least one detail, which you could change? No and no! Everything is harmonious, thought out and elegant in this bag!

Quality and simplicity are perfectly combined with exquisite cut. Preparing for the collection starts with the mood and feelings of Christopher Bailey, creative director of Burberry. Each model of Burberry baby bag combines the age-old canons of style with the freshness of fashion trends. If collections for adults are dazzled with elaborate elegance, then in clothes and shoes for children Burberry strikes a mix of playfulness and aristocratic chic. The official brand of the royal family and London fashion - Burberry gives cultic things that do not shout about fashion, but whisper about the irreproachable harmony of style and taste.
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