Chloé Baby Bags

Chloé is a legendary French brand founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. The following designers, who headed the brand keep the principles of Aghion, which formed the basis for the concept of "intellectual fashion".

Gabi Aghion moved to Paris from Egypt right after the war in 1945. She did not like the clothes created by the French masters, so the 24-year-old young woman wore clothes of her own design: silk blouses and laconic suits made of wool. Her first collection, consisting of six stylish dresses, was sold almost instantly. Christian Dior, seeing several outfits sewn by Gaby Aghion, considered them to be: "Charming things!". In 1952, the Chloé brand was founded, which Gaby Aghion named after the girlfriend Chloe Yusman. The designer had an idea to present a completely new approach for the fashion industry. Laconic and feminine clothing created by the brand could be worn immediately after the purchase, rather than wait for the order for several weeks, as suggested by the Parisian studio.
Gaby Aghion loved to repeat "Fashion, like a salad, should be fresh". The brand often collaborated with young designers. In the early 1960s, the unknown at that time German model designer Karl Lagerfeld started working at the Chloé atelier. In 1966, Gaby Aghion appointed him creative director of the brand. "She helped me become what I am today," Lagerfeld said. In 1971 in Paris, opened the first boutique of the brand. The designer introduced graphic prints to the collection of Chloé and came up with a technique called le flou, a special kind of thin pleating that makes clothes look airy. His invention also became a "surprise skirt", lush enough that no one guessed that in fact these are trousers. At the same time, the first branded fragrance of the brand Chloé for Women appeared. Karl Lagerfeld twice headed Chloé: from 1965 to 1983 and from 1992 to 1997.

After the final departure of Karl Lagerfeld from Chloé, the British period began. In 1997, the beginning designer Stella McCartney showed her first collection for the brand. Simple shapes and clean shades of the designer diluted daring details: lacing and torn edges. In 2002, McCartney's place, which decided to concentrate on her own brand, was taken by her former assistant Phoebe Philo. Her vision of the brand's style was more reserved and ascetic. Under the direction of Philo, the youth line by Chloé was launched. At the same time, bags in the form of a trapezium and Marcie with a round handle became popular, - new items created by the designer. After the departure of Phoebe Philo in 2008, the brand was headed by her assistant Hannah McGibbon.

To its 60th birthday in 2011, Chloé again replaced the creative director. Claire Waite Keller introduced in the collection of the brand elements of the style of military and men's fashion. Double-breasted coat-jackets and waistcoats of costume fabric the designer combined with a thin lace, chiffon and pleating. "Claire Waite Keller is able to convey the freedom-loving character of Chloé. Now Chloé is a brand for women from all over the world, and not just French women. Her collections for the brand are the best of what she did before, "- commented Susie Menkes of her work. In January 2017, the company's management announced that Claire Waite Keller would leave office after the expiry of her contract - March 31. The collection of the autumn-winter season of 2017 was the last, created by the British designer for the French brand.

And already in early March 2017 it became known that the new creative director of the brand was Natasha Ramsey-Levy. In Chloé, she will be responsible for the women's ready-to-wear line, as well as for accessories, such as Chloé baby bags.
From a huge number of bags for moms, Chloé baby bags stand out in their special way. They attract a minimum of attention. The design of the bag hides its purpose and at first glance it is difficult to guess that diapers and bottles are hidden inside. These bags would be perfect for working moms or moms who moms who want to hide their personal life.
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