Gucci – ‘GG’ Logo Changing Bag (44cm)
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Gucci – Beige GG Changing Bag (44cm)
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Gucci – Original GG Changing Bag (43cm)
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Gucci Baby Bag

Fashion industry constantly conquers new niches, gets to such things, which at the first sight seem to have nothing to do with fashion. Though, as our current reality shows, designer sliders for the child, and even stylish diapers do not surprise anyone. The legendary fashion house Gucci has confidently consolidated the status of a pioneer of Italian luxury and glamor and for almost 100 years, seduces fashionable people around the world with their bold and elegant solutions. Today, the creative director of Gucci Alessandro Michele successfully brings to the collection his original fashionable vision, and harmoniously supports the traditions of one of the most famous Italian brands.

But mom will be truly fashionable only when she buys a beautiful baby bag! Recognized fashion houses such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Juicy Couture, Armani, Burberry have suggested to the lovely mothers who follow trends to buy fashion bags that can carry diapers, napkins, warm bottles of water or milk and all the necessary things for a baby.
In this case, there are many design options for such bags. For example, the recognized and beloved Gucci can offer its customers a very convenient model of branded coloring that seem to scream about the purpose of such a bag, and strict classical lines for business moms. The average size of such a baby changing bag ensures that it will look harmonious even on a fairly fragile young mother. At the same time, the capacity of the bag proves its practicality in any situation.
Gucci baby bag in fact is both stylish, roomy, not too big, neither too small and very comfortable. Such accessories are created for moms, who often are somewhere outside the home. These bags are for active mothers, who do not spend 24 hours a day at home. No matter where you need to go - to work, to meet with a friend or walk with a child in the park - you should always have a bag with everything you need for a baby.

Thanks to correctly designed construction of the bag and practical pockets, you always can fit all the "necessary trifles" in it, without which the woman does not go out. It is often necessary to urgently change a diaper - for this purpose, a special pocket for the used diaper is provided in the bag. Changing clothes also finds its place in the bag, as all the other staff. There is a place for a snack of the kid, also in a bag there is a fastening for a special bedding for swaddling. Besides, there is a special section for mom’s secrets, where she can put the phone, keys, mirror and other necessary little things.

The quality of Gucci baby bags is unquestionable. All of them pass quality control. Ordering changing bags for babies in our store, you can be sure of their authenticity. We provide only original bags and try to ensure the lowest prices possible. Thanks to the sales, you can purchase the best existing bags for a reasonable price.
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